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My story starts back in New York City where i grew up in the Bronx.  I spent most of my childhood messing around with my father’s Canon Ae1 film camera, where I got my first introduction to photography, mostly taking pictures of flowers and family. Going into high school, I fell feet first into the arts. I was drawn to the city and came to love the work of the many street photographers and filmmakers of Manhattan. I loved all the characters and energy that it had to offer and having been a skateboarder always felt drawn to the sequences of famous magazines, such as THRASHER, which yielded some of my favorite photographers till this day. After high school and going in and out of band phases, I decided to go north for college and would wind up in Albany. While in upstate, working and going to school, I bought my first DSLR. I really made use of this camera (Nikon D ….Something old), never left my side. It wasn’t until a very close friend of mine, who would later become my business partner, got me out of my rut and back into the photo and film network, assisting on jobs here and there for exposure and experience. I decided to move to Lancaster, PA to finish my degree in Visual Arts. While living there, after many long commutes to NYC and Boston for jobs, I was offered a full time position in Boston with a high-end wedding film company. Taking the leap to Boston would be one of the scariest, but most beneficial moves in my life.  Boston, which i call home base now, is where most of my work is done including my Wedding film business ARA Wedding Films as well Photography.  Days off are spent shooting film and riding my bike as much as possible.

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